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new york city. here are some things.

one of these days, i will grow up and start buying sensible shoes.
today was not that day.
the great thing about working from home is that i can wear things like this and go sans makeup and take a long walk in the afternoon to run errands, the bad thing about working from home is that if i get sent work to do in the middle of taking said walk, then i will still be working at 8pm. but i think the worst part is that working til 8pm feels so late to me when it used to be totally normal.
today felt like fall and i saw josh beech. woop woop.
and pshhhh who needs marants, dunks allllllll day
hey that’s me! and orly!
did you guys know that nick has a photo blog??
here are some awkward photos of what i wore to michelle’s birthday dinner last night.
this weekend was pretty great. and now, back to reality. meh.

Happy Mother’s Day!

reblogging my own post from 2008 of a set of photos from 2006 (side note: whoa) because i still love it. happy mother’s day to my (fucking awesome) real life lucille bluth, who also deserves some sort of achievement award for the amount of times she had to talk me off a ledge/calm my hysterics over the last two weeks of exams. LOVE YOU MOM! 
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