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new york city. here are some things.


A Personalized Butt Groove On The Saturdays Bench
You might not be able to get him that blonde barista’s number (not even her boss can do that), but you can get him a personalized butt groove on the Saturdays bench, handcarved using a Best Made Ax. Serfs in your seat? Tell them to get out. They haven’t smoked the cigarettes you’ve smoked. They haven’t ordered the lattes you’ve ordered. They haven’t pretended to care about the surf culture you’ve pretended to cared about. Their photos haven’t had the reblogs yours have had. “But your names not on it!” Yes it is, blogger, yes it is.

Jake and I wrote the ultimate #menswear gift guide for Four-Pins. Go check it out. 

best thing i’ve read all week

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