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new york city. here are some things.

(photo by Liam, as usual)


Liam 2

Is it weird to double-take yourself on Tumblr?

my boyfriend is a fucking babe. DAMN SON
I wish you good luck on the bar exam, but I don’t want to make that my last word. You don’t need my good wishes, you’re gonna pass. What I want to make my last word is this: it is no secret that the profession is undergoing some fairly dramatic changes. And it is no secret that the employment market is ugly. What I wish for you is that you find something that suits you, and that uses your skills. I still believe that what we do adds value. Everything that we’ve been talking about today involves real important issues that people need help on. I still believe that there are people that are underserved. So I hope that you are able to find something out there that gets you animated. That gets you up, and out of bed every day, that enables you to make a contribution, and at the end of the day…also enables you to make a ton of cash.

my final bar review lecturer, wrapping up his Domestic Relations lecture with what was far better (& realistic) than any speech at my law school graduation

p.s. tumblr i miss u

America this week:
FLORIDA: Zimmerman, etc. Not going to comment, but let’s not forget that this happened not so long ago: Woman Gets 20 Years for Firing Warning Shots To Deter Abusive Husband
IOWA: Women can get fired for being too attractive.
TEXAS: Not surprisingly, the abortion bill got passed, but don’t worry, you can just hop over to Mexico and get this completely safe abortion pill instead.
NORTH CAROLINA: An anti-abortion law got snuck into a bill about fucking MOTORCYCLE SAFETY so nobody would notice.
CALIFORNIA: somehow an entire staff of a local TV news station let this happen without anyone catching it. Journalism!
And, lest we forget due to all the other excitement this week, the leader of the NRA continues to remind everyone that he’s a completely idiotic and vile piece of garbage.
christ on a bike, what is this country i’m living in? well, guess i’ll go back to being a bar-studying hermit. if this is what i’m missing, maybe it’s not so bad.
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